At StateLine, we work closely with our partners to provide consistent, dependable, safe, and efficient hydrocarbon, water, pneumatic, and aggregate logistics services. Integrity and experience amongst our professional drivers and our fleet of well-maintained modern equipment ensures prompt and safe transport within the Bakken Region.

Ethical Standards of the StateLine Logistics Team

Social Responsibilities:

  • Courteous and safe etiquette while on highways
  • Zero tolerance policy strictly enforced
  • High standards in service maintenance of fleet equipment
  • Excellent track record in avoidance of highway violations and accidents

Environmental and Safety Responsibilities:

  • Thorough inspections of all equipment to maintain safe and contained transport of fluids/soilds
  • Maintain an excellent track record of avoiding accidental discharge fluids/solids
  • Drivers set to the highest standards in highway and oil field safety rules and regulations
  • Strict adherence to local, state, and federal regulations

Crude Oil

Water: Production, Salt, Fresh

Pneumatic: Sand, cement, and other materials including hazmat

Aggregate: Side dump services